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Toolkit – Creative Brief Toolkit for agencies

April 11th, 2013

For more than 10 years of my experience working in the creative industry, I have seen industry newbies crying out “But the client never briefed me that!”, or “Why don’t you (client) tell me earlier?”.

We have to give credits to marketing managers that are clear with what they want for their campaigns. However this should not be a “given”, account executives have to ask the right questions in order to get the right answers before the team start working on the project.

Often than not, an incomplete brief is one of the tell tale signs that cause hours/days of rectification or a firefight that could be solved with asking intelligent questions when taking the brief.

Some of those we found online have pretty open questions and requires a lengthy paragraph before one can clearly document it down.

This posed 2 problems.

  1. How does a newbie to the industry know whether the answer from the client is a “helpful” answer?
  2. We see newbies asking and writing paragraphs in front of the client like they are taking their final year examinations. And also because of this, clients will likely see them cringe and felt uneasy with such a person handling his/her projects. In such a scenario, important questions will often be missed out, resulting ‘gaps’ that he/she can’t answer when the brief goes back to the office.

For many years MadAboutDesign had mandate a proper brief before we start a project and have worked out a simple template in our first toolkit for newbies in the company. The key to this template is to have all details written in pointers and answers should be as short as possible to the extent that it makes sense when everything is pieced up. Questions are sequenced in a logical thought process and it will be much simpler for project managers or creative teams back in the office to take the brief.

Download the Creative Brief Toolkit creative brief.  

Ever since we implemented this years ago, we realised our account executives are more confident of themselves and produced a much more qualitative brief as inputs for the team.

We love to hear from you, tell us what you think.

– JT


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