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Are you ok?

April 29th, 2015

雷军在印度发布会上飙英文 现场笑喷观众:

“Hallo, how are you? Indian Mi fans, I’m werry happy to be in China… to be in India haha! Do you naik Mi, 4i. Do you naik Mi, Band. Okay, wey have a gift for everyone. Wey well… okay, okay. Wey well give everyone a free Mi Band. (Indian Mi fans cheering hysterically) Are you okay? ARE YOU OKAY? Thank you, thank you. Wey well give everyone a free MiBand and one kana free strap! Kana strap. Do you naik? Thank you, thank you!”

Man, this is Lei Jun at Xiaomi’s launch in India on 27 April 2015. Lei Jun, CEO Xiaomi, one of China’s 10 richest guy, and founder of a startup that’s merely 5 years of age, making super value-for-money copycat Android mobiles and now wearable electronics. When Xiaomi’s first phone, the Mi1, went on sale in the fall of 2011, the company received 300,000 pre-orders in the first 34 hours. Last year it sold 100,000 of a newer model in 90 seconds. Last November 11, it sold more than 1 million phones during the Singles’ Day (11-11光棍节) promotion by that broke the world’s 24-hour record for total online spending.

Some call him “China’s Steve Jobs”. I hate copycats, seriously. But seriously, even though his English is laughable, I cannot dislike his sincerity, earnest and confidence. And it seems in the video, Indian Mi fans “naik” him a bunch.

Read the full story on Forbes India and Wall Street Journal.


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