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April 29th, 2015
雷军在印度发布会上飙英文 现场笑喷观众: “Hallo, how are you? Indian Mi fans, I’m werry happy to be in China… to be in India haha! Do you naik Mi, 4i. Do you naik Mi, Band. Okay, wey have a gift for everyone. Wey well… okay, okay. Wey well give everyone a free Mi Band. (Indian Mi fans cheering hysterically) Are you okay? ARE YOU OKAY? Thank you, thank you. Wey well give everyone a free MiBand and ...
Burgers and fries for good old Chinese New Year? In China? Give us a break, Mac. The ‘Nian’ figure in the TVC, it’s ugly but it’s not adorable. So it’s not cute. If the purpose of the TVC is to provoke like Mac China claims, then it’s been acheived. But one thing’s for sure: No Nian Burgers for me this CNY – in Singapore, China, or otherwise.
A repost of Megan Patrick’s article on How Design Digest. We love Information Design. – KL   New York City Department of Transportation (DOT) recently unveiled newly designed and simplified parking signs created in partnership with Pentagram Design. There’s nothing more confusing than a totem-pole of signs with conflicting information when you’re just trying to find a darn place to park.
Sagmeister is Kent’s favorite designer, all-time, then. Kent met Sagmeister at Visualogue: Icrograda Conference, Nagoya, Japan back in October 2003. Well they didn’t exactly meet – he attended his presentation. Among the sharing of many incredibly beautiful graphic (very graphic) design works was one topic that impressed: “Is it possible to touch somebody’s heart with graphic design?” Indeed it is.