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MadAboutDesign is an identity, a brand, and an attitude that epitomises the passion for design.

It's about making intelligence visible, it's about making a difference.
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Face it, it’s tough to be a happy designer, even tougher to be a happy boss of a design firm. Or to be a happy man, father, brother, buddy, whatever for life. I recall as a college I used to like the book “Being Happy!” by Andrew Matthews, with lotsa anecdotes and illustrations in it.
The 70s’ infinite monotone at the close of the broadcasting day (you still get it in China and some places). The mysterious static and squeal of the AM/FM/SW radio tuner, the bleep-blop sound effect of Atari’s original Pong video game. The click-clack-ring of the Olivetti typewriter. The 70-80s’ clickety-clickety dial of the rotary phone (that’s why it’s called a dial). The early 80s’ click-clack shuffle of the overhead slide projector.
For more than 10 years of my experience working in the creative industry, I have seen industry newbies crying out “But the client never briefed me that!”, or “Why don’t you (client) tell me earlier?”. We have to give credits to marketing managers that are clear with what they want for their campaigns. However this should not be a “given”, account executives have to ask the right questions in order to ...
It’s a spanking new year of the Snake, and a lazy start it better not be. If you have no time to read the full text, here are the five pointers in English and Chinese: 1. Well-begun is half-done 好的开始就是成功的一半 2. Spend more time in the shower 洗澡慢的好 3. Eat a proper breakfast 早饭要吃好 4. Stay away from negatives — thoughts, people and actions 远离负能量思绪、人群、举止 5.