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MadAboutDesign is an identity, a brand, and an attitude that epitomises the passion for design.

It's about making intelligence visible, it's about making a difference.
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We didn’t say that, our clients did. We work hard so you can sleep better. We’re madly in love with what we do – and can do – for you. + read more

We draw.

With a diverse stable of talents, skills and backgrounds, we carve our niche in the exciting and challenging marketplace in Asia. + read more

Meet MAD.

Mad about making intelligence visible, mad about making a difference for you and ourselves. Meet the MAD team. + read more

Vision Brochure

Sino-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge CIty (SSGKC) commissioned MAD to develop its corporate brochure as an extension of its newly launched corporate website (also created and maintained by MAD). Written in both English and Chinese and targeted at World Cities Summit 2012, the brochure was a message of SSGKC's vision as a unique vibrant and sustainable city, and resolute to become a model and catalyst for the economic transformation and environmental enhancement of Guangdong.

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