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MadAboutDesign is an identity, a brand, and an attitude that epitomises the passion for design.

It's about making intelligence visible, it's about making a difference.
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Sagmeister is Kent’s favorite designer, all-time, then. Kent met Sagmeister at Visualogue: Icrograda Conference, Nagoya, Japan back in October 2003. Well they didn’t exactly meet – he attended his presentation. Among the sharing of many incredibly beautiful graphic (very graphic) design works was one topic that impressed: “Is it possible to touch somebody’s heart with graphic design?” Indeed it is.
世界上最伤痛的遗憾不是失败,而是机会在你眼前你却视而不见。 It’s not doing it – when you know fully well you had the opportunity – that hurts far more than any failure. – IGNORE EVERTHING and 39 Other Keys to Creativity, Hugh MacLeod – KL