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MadAboutDesign is an identity, a brand, and an attitude that epitomises the passion for design.

It's about making intelligence visible, it's about making a difference.
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The 70s’ infinite monotone at the close of the broadcasting day (you still get it in China and some places). The mysterious static and squeal of the AM/FM/SW radio tuner, the bleep-blop sound effect of Atari’s original Pong video game. The click-clack-ring of the Olivetti typewriter. The 70-80s’ clickety-clickety dial of the rotary phone (that’s why it’s called a dial). The early 80s’ click-clack shuffle of the overhead slide projector.
过往的曾经,美丽的回忆                                                         -MAD员工拍摄花絮 爱创意,爱设计,不爱平庸 爱阅读,爱摄影,不爱遗忘 拒绝大众,崇尚共鸣 有那么一点点执着,有那么一点点个性 不是什么小众,也不是什么大流 我们只为那一个个美丽的瞬间着迷 我们是自己精神世界的主人 我们是MAD 工作状态中的灯光师Chirs 美女灯光师Vicky 完美背后的专注与努力 有姿态有态度的美女摄影师Aven 狂人老K的等拍瞬间 可爱淑女Jane的等拍瞬间   "每一个不曾起舞的日子,都是对生命的辜负。"尼采的这句话告诉我们生命不是用来度过的,而是用来绽放的。 让我们为每一天,每一个美丽的瞬间,一起起舞。    
MAD’s family shot before Jeff heads off to Shenzhen/Hong Kong to meet Tyler, then home to Singapore this Sunday. It’s been a mad, mad two years for Jeff in Shanghai, ain’t it? Till we meet again in March. From left: Stephanie, Vicky, Vivian, Nancy, Jeff, Kent, Chris, Zoe, Jane – KL  
This is our first time too. MADsters roll your engines.