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MadAboutDesign is an identity, a brand, and an attitude that epitomises the passion for design.

It's about making intelligence visible, it's about making a difference.
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For more than 10 years of my experience working in the creative industry, I have seen industry newbies crying out “But the client never briefed me that!”, or “Why don’t you (client) tell me earlier?”. We have to give credits to marketing managers that are clear with what they want for their campaigns. However this should not be a “given”, account executives have to ask the right questions in order to ...
MAD’s family shot before Jeff heads off to Shenzhen/Hong Kong to meet Tyler, then home to Singapore this Sunday. It’s been a mad, mad two years for Jeff in Shanghai, ain’t it? Till we meet again in March. From left: Stephanie, Vicky, Vivian, Nancy, Jeff, Kent, Chris, Zoe, Jane – KL